About Us

Vokle is comprised of a small team of technology and communication enthusiasts.

  • Robert Kiraz
  • President & CEO
  • My hope is that we can help shake the foundations of traditional media, and establish a truly free forum of dialogue. In other words, let's transfer public dialogue back to the people. I like to think of it as "mainstreet media," or "unmuting the web." Whatever you call it, it's long overdue. I also like hot dogs...
  • Michael Chu
  • Lead Architect / Engineer
  • I developed my first website on Geocities in order to share photos and write about things that interested me, which sparked my love for the internet and it's power to share information and connect people all around the world. Now-a-days, I am doing the same thing at VOKLE by developing features, that allow broadcasters to interact with fans and friends on the net. I enjoy golfing and space traveling.
  • Shant "canon yayo" Kiraz
  • Research Director
  • I'm a photographer who loves listening to amazing music. VOKLE allows me to reach out to my personal heroes. I'm always on the lookout for notable figures for the community. Email me your hero requests, and I'll do my best to bring them to VOKLE!
  • Raymond Chan
  • COO / CFO
  • Career entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in successfully launching and exiting start-up companies. He's a co-founder and COO of Everyone.net, COO of Mashermedia, VP of International at NetManage, and co-founder and president of European operations of NetSoft. Ray is on the Board of Directors of the Tech Coast Angels and has an eerie obsession for pistachios.
  • David W. Berkus
  • Adviser
  • Labeled as “Super Angel” by Inc. Magazine, Dave was formerly the Chairman of Tech Coast Angels, currently manages two angel VC funds, and is a partner at Trenchant Ventures. He is the author of “Extending the Runway”, and “BERKONOMICS”, books addressing resource and growth issues for early stage businesses, and travels internationally giving keynotes and workshops on trends in technology and building corporate boards.
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