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How can I tell if my camera is set up? What do I do if my video looks choppy? Why is my video window black when I broadcast? What version of Flash does Vokle require? How can I broadcast/share my desktop?

How stuff works

Why is the "Join Event" button missing from the event player!? What are the roles in a Vokle event? What is the difference between a 'series' and an 'event'? How do you schedule events? When are my schedules/events generated? How do I cancel a series or event? How come when I add an ics file to my calendar it doesn't update? / How do I sign up to a series or event calendar?

Network / Bandwidth

How can I find out what my bandwidth is? What are the bandwidth requirements for Vokle? What ports do I need to have open?


How do I stop my audio from echoing? Are there any known hardware issues? Does Vokle recommend any web cameras or headsets?

My Account

I forgot my password, where can I reset it? How do I change my password? How do I deactivate my account? What happens to my data after I deactivate my account?


How can I get in touch with the Vokle team? How do I shot web? Why are the times of events inaccurate on my computer?
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