Employment at VOKLE

More than a Flex Developer


VOKLE is currently looking for more than just the average Flash/Flex Developer. We're looking for someone adapted to a startup environment, eager to tackle the full stack as well. At VOKLE you’ll work with a team that values creativity, excellence in code, and ingenuity. If you want to build something amazing this year, we’d love to have you.

We firmly believe in Open Source Software, and contribute back to the community. As our lead Flex developer you'll be able to mold the future direction of our flex code base, and work closely to integrate us with next generation backend technologies (WebSockets). To that end, we're not looking for a just a Flex developer, but rather an experienced Flex developer with some backend experience looking to work equally on both client and server side.

If you have a GitHub account, we’d love to see your work! If you’ve got a Hacker News / Reddit Account we’d love to learn a bit more about you through those avenues as well.

About VOKLE:

Vokle is a leading live interactive video talk show platform where hosts can broadcast to a virtual auditorium of fans, and take live video and text questions from the audience. We're based in Santa Monica, and are focused on connecting community leaders with their online audiences by offering a personal, real-time video dialogue platform. We've worked with everyone from news mogul Arianna Huffington, to Al Gore to Tony Robbins to 6-time Grammy nominated Imogen Heap and many others.

Some examples of previous VOKLE events in action:

We're passionate, flexible, youthful and energetic. We encourage collaboration and are looking for someone comfortable in growing into a managerial position as we continue to expand the development team and make a major impact in the social media space. As a team member, your input will be invaluable in creating the ideal work space and company culture that we've always wanted.

We’re a small team, you’ll be our second engineer, so be prepared to work in a very flat org structure. Your ideas will be heard, and you'll make a lot of decisions that affect our future growth. We have a focus on collaboration, not top down decision making. You’ll be able to collaborate on the long term strategy of the development time-line here at VOKLE. The ideal candidate must have broad technical skills, display a talent for bridging people and technology, and a passion for supporting organizations with a social purpose.


  • developed production quality products using Flash/Flex
  • comfortable working with linux/unix
  • good grasp of design patterns including MVC, REST, OOP
  • 2 years experience


  • experience working with rtmp
  • experience with server administration
  • experience developing for mobile platforms


  • ability to work on cutting edge product that's the first to market in the consumer space.
  • flexible working hours and location
  • opportunity to have a lot of creative input and opportunities to grow professionally


Email tech@vokle.com with your resume and a cover letter.

If you have a github profile, hacker news, or reddit programming account please include links.

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