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Ford School Graduate Admissions Chat

hosted by Ford School ... U in 10 days | December 8th, 2014 @ 7:00am PST

Join Beth Soboleski and Julia Hoffert to chat about our graduate programs in the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan.


hosted by Canberra Liv... A in 4 months | April 1st, 2015 @ 1:00am PDT


Oh wait, this was made ages ago...

hosted by sdwfrehtgyjkugl t in 5 months | April 18th, 2015 @ 5:00am PDT

My names alex, and you can come on this show and ask me anything

5 Star Universe U Tv Entertainment

hosted by Ariez E in 5 months | May 1st, 2015 @ 2:00pm PDT

I'd like to introduce to you the hottest live broadcast brought to you by 5 star dimez ent. Event Team. You as the co host, also you'll see some special guest appearances and performances. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday @5pm.


hosted by Ariez E in 5 months | May 2nd, 2015 @ 2:00pm PDT

For married and engaged couples, log on to the fun with your host Ariez.

Purple Heart Day

hosted by Ariez E in 5 months | May 3rd, 2015 @ 2:00pm PDT

Lets take it back to church, Purple Heart day we have special guest in the building you can ask any and all questions to.Also live praise performances. 5pm-9pm. This is something you don't want to miss!


hosted by Ariez E in 5 months | May 8th, 2015 @ 2:00pm PDT

5 Star U TV birthday party for May birthdays. Log on to to book your guest appearance at the party.Come 5 Star your birthday with Ariez. Yaaaaw!


hosted by Ariez E in 5 months | May 9th, 2015 @ 2:00pm PDT

Lets talk about life in this world. Ariez opens up with her life. Join in live at 5.

Purple Heart Day

hosted by Ariez E in 5 months | May 10th, 2015 @ 2:00pm PDT

Keep it with the Lord. Who says shows about the all mighty has to be boring? Never. Tune in to the 5 Star Church. All gospel talent welcome.log on to to book time.


hosted by Ariez E in 6 months | May 15th, 2015 @ 2:00pm PDT

Join me live on this hot topic as I discuss todays sexuality situation.


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  • Alessandro M
    Join Alessandro, italian painter and vlogger known for "Breaking Italy", his daily news show on YouTube.
  • Jack D
    Join the prince of parodies and the genius behind Jacksfilms as he talks nerdy to you all night long.
  • Reality S
    Reality Steve is #1 source on the internet for all your Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad spoilers, join the discussion!
  • Tim H
    Join Tim as he discusses everything from Youtube to superheroes!
  • Datev G
    Join Ladiedottie as she dives into the world of filmmaking and vlogging. Ask her anything!
  • none like j
    Join this Atlanta rapper/producer as he performs his unique blend of indie hip-hop and electronic dance music.
  • Thomas R
    Meet Tom, a filmmaker known for his Lincoln adverts and animated short films.
  • Prep Nation R
    Scores & Interviews of Fridays PA HS Football Games. Join us!
  • Dodie C
    A musical girl from YouTube, who procrastinates from A levels by answering questions, and other crazy things!
  • jam2995 .
    Meet Jam2995, a musician that creates guitar covers of video game music on YouTube.
  • Cassandra C
    I am that nerdy girl who wants to be in movies, tv shows, stunt work, and anything to do with film.
  • James@War !
    Meet James. Musician and Vlogger who wants to entertain you, so join the conversation!
  • Sami J
    Join music blogger/vlogger Sami Jarroush as he talks all things rock music including news, reviews and much more.
  • Joel Roomie B
    Join the singer-songwriter/producer/grandma-hugger of destiny behind RoomieOfficial as he talks even nerdier to you all night long!
  • Brent S
    Join Brent as he dispenses his very unique life & dating advice in the direct style he's known for!
  • Kevin B
    Star of the ever popular "The Annoying Orange" series, Kevin Brueck entertains and takes your live video and text questions!
  • Drake C
    Join Drake Christopher from CatchingYourClouds every Saturday @ 7:00 PM Central as he discusses new music updates and performs LIVE acoustic sets.
  • James H
    Join HoopSpeak bloggers Zach & Beckley as they dominate the court with ESPN writers and basketball pros & take your live questions!
  • Greg E
    This Vlogger is committed to vlogging every day of his epic life!
  • Mark L
    Mark is a filmmaker, join him as he discusses all things without any of those jumpcuts!
  • Hannah W
    Meet Hannah. A British and hyperactive YouTuber who likes to talk about anything trivial or controversial.
  • Marques B
    Join Marques as he dives into the world of technology gadgets and gizmos, unboxings, and everything in-between!
  • Songbird O
    Come hangout, ask your ocarina questions, and get tips to improve your music skills!
  • Lizzie H
    Join Lizzie as she sings her beautiful music, and answers all of your random questions!
  • NAACPConnect .
    NAACP Young Adults discussing everything & more, join them LIVE!
  • Adele M
    Meet Adele, she's an artist that makes doodles and discusses the creative process LIVE.
  • Pat D
    Come watch Pat from the Youtube channel PatDoesIt talk about whatever is on his mind!
  • Rodimus P
    A comedy podcast hosted by a husband and wife couple where the motto is "nothing's wrong if it's funny"
  • Jennifer S
    Meet Jenny. She's a maker of all things, including creating vlogs and makeup tutorials.
  • Mandy H
    Meet Mandy, an aspring Presenter sharing stories and answering questions for you!
  • Zach C
    YouTube vlogger, Zach Covey, takes to Vokle every Friday Night to play games, take your questions, and make you laugh, all while bringing out the best in life.
  • Jamie B
    Join video creator Jamie for a fun packed discussion about gaming, vlogging, and anything in-between.
  • GoGirl F
    Join for monthly tips on how to be a successful entrepreneur.
  • Ray R
    Aspiring filmmaker in a sea of creatives. Join Ray in conversations ranging from YouTube projects to that mornings breakfast.
  • Jay B
    Meet Jay. He reviews the latest films and games all for your enjoyment!
  • NCISfanatic L
    NCIS & NCIS: Los Angeles discussion with fans and occasional interviews of cast and crew!
  • Wish L
    Arizona based Metal band Wishlist is here to answer your music questions!
  • Kriss T
    Live coverage of current events. You think it, we say it.
  • ThatReporterKid .
    Meet Cassius, music reporter and informing you about the latest trends in pop culture.
  • BZG  -
    BZG Websites. Delivering great Websites, Web Shows, and Apps since 2006.
  • Justin J
    Join Ashleigh, Eric, and Justin as they discuss everything from politics, sports, and general insanity in the world over a drink or three.
  • Donald G
    Donald will take you through the lens and back, and detail how to get the most out of each snapshot.
  • FamilyJules7x  
    FamilyJules7x is a guitarist on YouTube with +20K subscribers and does arrangements of classic and modern Video Game Music.
  • Daniel  D
    Solo rock musician Daniel Dobbs hosts weekly chats filled with original performances. Join him and his musical shindig's!
  • Leon H
    A revision based show helping English students get to grips with their topics.
  • K5  L
    K5 hosts, invests, and accelerates early stage game-changing, technology-driven businesses led by visionary founders.
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